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Online Marketing - Can a Newbie still make it as a Successful Internet Marketer?

So much has been written about online marketing or otherwise known as Internet marketing.

There are about a million websites running 24/7 in the net, all vying for page views from the multitudes of web visitors. One can't help but wonder if it's still possible for a newbie to succeed as an Internet marketer?

The answer to that will depend on what type of online marketing strategy the newbie is using. Online marketing is not just about websites and selling a unique product but can be all encompassing.

Most of those who want to earn income from the net, are fixated on the idea that the only route to a successful business in the Internet is by putting up a website.

Traditionally, one will fill it up with all sorts of product banners or catalogues of their unique products, then follow all the marketing rules on how to direct traffic to their site and that's it, they're in business.

However, they forget that there are millions like them, and whether they like it or not, their product may only be a duplicate of what the others are selling. Unless, they are the big time manufacturers who has to cater globally to their worldwide distributors, a website is really not that important for individual consumerism in the World Wide Web.

Consider other Online Marketing Strategies

The newbie should explore other options available in the Internet and not rely simply on techniques on how traffic could be directed to his site. Actually, attracting traffic is the hardest part to achieve for a newcomer. Nevertheless, it will help to have your own website where people can visualize what you can actually do.

If you're a computer wiz and very knowledgeable in web designing and all the other trappings that web operators are looking for, why rely on traffic generators to get people to your site?

Why not be proactive and bid on web designing projects advertised on freelance sites? That way, you can get customers to visit your site and show your samples to those who are really interested in the kind of work that you do.

If you're selling a product or a gadget, why not got to auction sites like eBay or Amazon and compete with the others? If you cannot bring traffic to your site then go to where the traffic is and do your own brand of online marketing.

The point is, if you were to sell outside of the net, you will make sure that you're store is located where buyers often go. As an affiliate marketer, if you were to sell outside of the web, you will go out of your way to meet with people who are likely to be interested in your product.

Hence, if a newbie wants to succeed in online marketing, he should probably think of other online marketing strategies other than what the gurus are selling.

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