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How to Make your Online Marketing Campaign More Personal

Internet Marketing is a world where digital online marketing campaigns are carried out. We automate everything as much as possible to send these campaigns.

There is one thing most online marketers forget; dealing with customers is not just a matter of dealing in numbers.

Real world selling is about creating rapport with clients and making them feel that you recognize their repeated presence in your establishment. That's the danger with online marketing campaign, we simply automate and let our customers come and go to our websites.

The Importance of Customers' Comments, Surveys and Reviews:

As soon as we hurdle the matter of traffic, we get potential customers visiting our sites and perhaps make a sale. However, we're not sure if they're coming back or if they don't, we really don't know why. As part of your online marketing campaign, consider the following steps:

Comment Boxes
  1. Review the boxes and take note of the pattern and make a theme out of each topic. Segregate complaints, praises and suggestions and try to get a feel of their issues.

  2. Verify the validity of the complaints, test your product and compare your results and find out where your product went wrong or for that matter, where the customer went wrong.

  3. Make your customers feel that you can be reached by responding to their complaints. Offer a replacement or suggest a solution on how your product can be best used or ask the customer further questions to show your interest in resolving the problems.

  4. Show appreciation for their praises, offer an incentive for their continuous patronage or give them some sort of privilege as a loyal customer.

  5. Acknowledge their suggestions and let them know you are considering them. If it's not feasible, give them your opinion about its feasibility. The point of the matter is, you're letting them feel that you are reading and listening.

Not all customers leave a comment not because they don't have any issues but probably they don't have the time. In some instances, they might want to but they don't know how to express themselves so you can understand where their issues are coming from.

Based on the information gathered from the comments, formulate survey questions that you will email. If customers have real issues, they will send it back to you with boxes properly tick-marked with their positive or negative responses.

Respond to their survey answers to let them know that the survey email is not just a form of online marketing campaign, but a sincere gesture of asking after their satisfaction and concerns.


Ask for their reviews and act on their complaints. There are millions of business websites operating in the net and you can make a difference by being one of the few who has real concern over customers' satisfaction.

Give your customers after-sales service to make your online marketing campaign a personal touch just like in the real business world. If you don't know how to go about this, you could probably hire PR (Public Relations) Personnel to handle it.

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