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Internet Marketing

In the day and age of fast moving technology, Internet Marketing is on the rise. The term Internet marketing can be called I-marketing, web marketing, online marketing or eMarketing.

These terms can be further defined as marketing of products or services through the medium of Internet. This medium has provided many unique benefits to marketing. One of the benefits that it offers is, the low cost of distribution of information and media amongst a global audience.

The nature of Internet marketing is very interactive in terms of both; of providing instant response and getting responses. This medium is also said to have broader scope because through this medium one can refer to all mediums such as Internet, email and wireless media.

But it also includes management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems.

It also brings together the creative and technical aspects of the Internet that includes design and development, advertising and sale. The other benefits of Internet marketing are:
  • Placement of media through different stages of customer management cycle. This is done through search engine marketing.

  • Also enhancing search engine optimization and banner ads on different websites.

  • Email marketing and Web 2.0 strategies.

This can be proven through the given example: in the year 2008, the New York Times, then working with COM Score, published the initial estimate that quantified user data. This data was collected by large Internet based companies and it took into account four types of interactions including interactions with company websites along with hits from advertisements served from advertising networks.

This medium proved useful for the data collectors for collecting data upward of 2,500 times on an average every month.

Internet marketing is connected with different business models. These models include e-commerce, where the good are directly sold to customers, business publishing, and the sale of ads.

It is also connected with lead based websites which are organizations that create values by acquiring sale leads from their own website and associated marketing which is a method in which a product or service that is developed by one individual is sold by another and they share profits. Here, the individual has to first provide material such as sales letter, links and tracking facilities etc.

Another business model based on Internet marketing is the one-to-one approach.

Here the marketing messages reach the targeted user when he/she is browsing the Internet personally. This method may also be called search marketing. The advertisements are based on keywords typed by the user.

With its popularity rising each day, Internet marketing has had a large impact on other industries. These industries are generally the retail-oriented industries which include music, films, medicine, banking and also flea markets.

It is said and believed that this medium is also taking over radio marketing industry. For example, it was stated in 2008 that Apple Inc.'s itunes store had become the largest vendor of music in USA.

Internet marketing is a great way of product promotion.

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