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How to Make Twitter Work for your Online Business Internet Marketing

One of the most popular social sites recommended as a good venue to promote your online business Internet marketing is through your Twitter account.

Like Facebook, Twitter also has millions of members you can tap to gain a following for your site. You can initiate the following or follow the member who made the move to follow you. However, all this following around does not amount to anything if you're going to count on it as your online business Internet marketing strategy.

Remember, Twitter is a social site, and by socializing you have to spend time getting in touch as well as trying to be more than just an icon or a URL to follow. For all intents and purposes, those who made a move to follow you probably have the same thing in mind, to gain a follower for their online business.

This in mind, you must also show some indications that you can also be good for their business and not obviously one who is interested only in his own promotions.

Here then are some tips on how you can make your Twitter account work for your online business Internet marketing:
  1. Tweet your followers by looking over their profiles and website so you can have an idea how to forge a more concrete Tweeter relationship with them. Choose those who could possibly be interested in your ideas or products. Have something more personal to say or ask. Avoid sending them business like and self-serving promotions. You wouldn't want them to do that to you either.

    Remember, socialize, and talk about anything except your product or your business. Recommend a recipe, pretend you have this problem, ask for help; refer some interesting piece of info or news about general topics. In time, they will do the same to you and for you, until it will be just casual for you to say, "Hey, have you seen the latest waterproof MP3s they are selling at a discount at Amazon? " Then you can take off from there, because you know how much of a music buff he is and goes crazy about latest innovations in electronic gadgets.

  2. Give feedback or comments on your followers' latest update on his site. Keep it constructive though because your aim is to get feedback for yours. You can arrange to share links via Twitter messages.

    Be generous with your words of encouragements. Post comments at their site to show how interested you are in their ideas. If they don't return the favor, make a direct invitation for them to post their comments on your site too. You would like to hear their ideas about your own issues.

  3. Tweet all you can as often as possible, because social sites are really meant for building relationships. Internet marketing and all its intricacies are basically the same, because with the millions of web visitors that abound you cannot expect to trip over your online business Internet marketing and become a faithful customer.
In Tweeting or in using any of these social sites, if you want them to show interest in you and your online business Internet marketing, you must take the initiative to show interest in their online business too. Simply apply the Golden Rule: "Tweet unto others what you would like others to Tweet unto you".

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