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The Internet Marketing Dictionary – an Internet Tool that Provides more than just Definitions

If you're about to go into the Internet marketing business, you may find it difficult to work your way through, once you receive all the information web developers will be feeding you.

In fact, you get them all too soon and all at once, you just feel like giving up your online career. However, there's one thing they forgot to tell you, there's an Internet marketing dictionary available online, to help you understand what the gurus are teaching you.

There are different styles of Internet Marketing dictionaries available and each one has its own distinct feature. They are all aimed at making Internet life and its language easier to comprehend. Here are some examples:
  1. The Internet marketing dictionary with links. This type of dictionary will provide links to the given definition of a particular Internet marketing term. Usually, there are two types of links and are color coded to differentiate one from the other.

  2. One link is classified as internal, and the reader who clicks on it will be directed to other terms related to the Internet terminology being researched. The other link is external which will direct a researcher to another website, which will show an example of the feature or website, the dictionary is referring to.

  3. The Internet marketing dictionary categorized according to Internet function or use. This type of dictionary is also convenient to use because you don't have to navigate your way through a long list of alphabetical listing for all Internet marketing terminologies. Let's say you are looking for the exact meaning of the term "unique visitor", you don't just click on to the letter U.

  4. "Unique visitor" implies a categorical measurement of site traffic; hence, the dictionary user will have to choose the "Advertising Metric" category. It's not difficult to determine the category you will be accessing, because the main page gives a sample of the terms included in each category. In the definition page itself, you will find a clickable thumbnail, to show you an example of the web feature or the website that performs the function related to the definition.

  5. The Internet Marketing Dictionary Illustrated by Diagrams

  6. No matter how well defined a term is, the novice affiliate marketer will still find it difficult to visualize how the term being researched is used in terms of Internet marketing strategies. Hence, one innovative way the Internet marketing dictionary presents its definition, is by way of illustrative diagrams or drawings. The researcher can now visualize the flow of Internet transaction and how the term being researched is used in actual online practice.
Once you make use of these different dictionary features, you will find the best Internet tool there is to manage your way through the Internet.

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