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Can Your Landing Page Serve your Online Marketing Campaigns?

One essential tool we use for our online marketing campaigns is the landing page. This could also mean the home page of our website.

This is where we can use our other online marketing campaign tools to convince the visitor about our product. Then give them an offer they will find hard to refuse as well as the standard "call for action" statement.

In all honesty, do you really understand the gist of all that is required of your landing page?

Let the following be your checklist so you can assess whether your landing page will be able to serve the purpose of your online marketing campaigns:
  1. The landing page loads easily and easy to navigate. If you were to visit a site and it takes you more than a reasonable time before the page appears, will you wait? If there is a call for action and your potential buyer will respond positively to that call, is it going to take him several clicks before he can finally complete the process?

  2. Your site's content should be relevant. You directed your visitor to your home page so he could get more information about the product you are offering. How would you feel if you were the visitor and you will find the same information you just read from where you came from?

    Make sure your site's page can answer all other questions your potential buyer may have. Didn't he just click on the portion that says: "For more information about this product…?"

    Now if he lands on a catalogue full of different products, chances are, he will change his mind about buying your stuff or forget all about it altogether because something else caught his eye. Unfortunately, if there isn't much information about it, even if the visitor was interested, he'll probably look for information somewhere else and buy from that end too.

    Keep your page clutter free, with readable font size and with background that does not drown the written texts.

  3. Keep the article content brief, easy to read and comprehensive. You don't have to tell all sorts of story. Get to the point and keep it focused on relevant information. Use images, graphics or videos if necessary just to give them the most descriptive information available to carry out your online marketing campaigns effectively.

  4. In carrying the online marketing campaigns, don't let up on the persuasion element. This is where you have the visitor's full attention and you can apply other online marketing campaign techniques by giving him a gift, or a privilege discount or coupon or any other free tools you could think of.

  5. Remain factual with the product features particularly the price and the warranty. Make everything clear and verifiably true.

  6. Most consumers nowadays put more trust in the words of other online buyers; hence, they will look for user's reviews, editor's reviews and testimonials. Be sure to incorporate them since these are good online marketing campaign tools.

  7. Finally, the proverbial "call-to-action" online marketing campaign. You don't have to be coy about it; you can simply blurt it out as "Buy Now".

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