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How to Make your Articles Attractive for Online Search Engine Marketing Purposes

The objective of online Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy is to gain more visibility in the search engine results pages. For some, this may simply mean paying for Internet marketing services who will submit your website URL to hundreds of search engine sites.

However, in a wider and more organic concept, it is about visitors who will be typing in keywords or search questions. If the search engine finds your website and your content highly relevant, they will be presented to the visitor on any of the first pages of the search results.

However, you feel you have used up almost all the highly searched keywords for your product and you need to put more content to get more visibility. What other options are available to you so you can make your articles more attractive for online Search Engine Marketing purposes?

Here's a tip:

Find out what most web visitors ask about your business niche, your product or your services. To do this, make a research about frequently asked question and what visitors would like to know on online public libraries. There you will find what most people ask about when they visit the web.

Here's an Example:

Your business deals mainly on selling unique gift items. Due to the wide variety of your products you can't seem to come up with articles that would exactly fit online Search Engine marketing as your tool. Your products are so diversified; you have no idea which one of them is often searched for.
  1. Search through an Internet library about frequently asked questions on gift ideas. You will find that the most frequently asked question about gifts are in relation to anniversary or anniversaries. Now you have found the keyword "anniversary".

  2. Check with Google's keyword tools or other keyword tracker sites, just how many people are in search of answers to their anniversary gift questions. You now have a good keyword to tailor fit your articles for your online search engine marketing strategy.

  3. Create web contents that will provide gift suggestions for different kinds of anniversaries. Do some more keyword searching and you will find a lot of keywords that are related to anniversary gifts and their occasions. You will be surprised to learn that the most asked about for gift suggestion is "anniversary gift for pastor", followed by "one year anniversary gift for boyfriend".
  4. Take a different route in creating articles for your product, instead of following the usual online search engine marketing methods, for let's say an electric shaver. You can come up with articles that will give emphasis to the shaver as the best anniversary gift for a pastor. One logical reason would be a pastor's limited budget to buy himself an electric shaver. Perhaps the pastor uses a razor or the traditional disposable types. Make the reader feel proud of handing over the electric shaver as a gift for their pastor and he will feel that researching the net for gift ideas paid off.
As an online search engine marketing strategy, you have turned your website into a resource for information about great gift giving ideas. Whereas before, you merely laid out your goods in a catalogue fashion, and simply banked on the idea that your visitor will pick one out and make a purchase.

Your articles are your main tools in order to make online search engine marketing campaigns effective. However, you should also learn how to think outside the box, by using the cache of information available in the Internet.

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