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Harnessing the Power of "Free" in Web Site Online Marketing

Back when Internet marketing was young, it was necessary for a web site online marketing strategy to submit the site's resources to directories.

This was necessary in order to be recognized and get traffic from the web. Back then, websites were manually submitted and can easily be accessed by web visitors by just referring to website directories.

However, things changed in the Internet and the number of web site online marketing operators reached more than 70 million in 2005. Directories became a thing of the past and keywords, became the main tools for the web visitor. It made life harder for the web site owner.

Not only does he have to compete with multitudes of websites for attention, he now has to learn how to use SEO keywords to give his website a chance to be visited.

Nevertheless, this became another source of business income, this time for SEO service providers and web site online marketing consultants.

Then came the economic crunch and everything came to a standstill, nobody was doing good business. The SEO service providers were affected because no matter how much traffic was gained, only a few had enough money to spend.

Hence, the Internet became a resource full of freebies. From free websites, to software, to storage, movies, videos, music, name it just add the word "free" to your keyword and the search page results will come up with something.

Even Oprah Winfrey joined the "Free" bandwagon when she drove multitudes to Twitter and to KFC for the free meals she promoted. Google, in fact is the front runner in giving almost everything for free to the web user and Google is an Internet giant to contend with. Perhaps, web site online marketing operators learned something from Google.

The Logic Behind the "Free"

Now here's the trade off for all those free tools you're using to build you're web site online marketing. The only thing your free sponsor will ask from you is to put their banners and their links to your site. That means their getting a lot of good links spread out everywhere in the net and increasing their visibility to the Search Engine crawlers.

You can do your own act of giving something for free to you viewers by sharing your content under a Creative Commons License agreement like Wikipedia does. Pretend you're paying it forward but actually you also want to spread out your link in a noble way and not as some kind of a spammer.

You see, web site online marketing is not just about following all the Traffic methodologies the gurus are telling you, it's also a matter of "reading between the lines" of what the Internet giants are doing.

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