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How to Build a Useful Database for your Online Direct Marketing

In using online direct marketing for your email marketing campaigns, you should be aware that this kind of marketing works on a "permission basis".

There are terms and conditions agreed to before the customer technically gave his consent in allowing you to send direct email messages. This is important because you will be using freely-given customer information to build your online direct marketing list.

However, the information provided by the customer may not be sufficient in order to categorize your mailing list. Your aim is to maintain different list classifications to be used according to the purpose of your email marketing campaign.

You should develop a database that is highly useful to ensure your email marketing messages will reach the right targets. Here are some of the things you could do:
  1. Review your sales invoices and receipts as well as shipping records. Take note of the last time the customer made a purchase. Have you ever asked the customer for a feedback? Is the home address still the same? If the customer is a frequent buyer, have you ever sent something as a token of appreciation?

  2. Registration or membership forms- Do you send email messages for purely direct online marketing purposes only? How about taking note of their birthdays and sending out customer greetings as a personal touch in your marketing strategy. For that matter, send them one on Mother's Day or Father's day or any occasion.
Analyze your Database
  1. Review the frequency of purchases or the single purchase that was never repeated. Asking your customer for feedback can provide you with information on how you can make your product better. Find out the qualities liked by the repeat buyers and make sure they are still working.

  2. Segregate the first time buyers and apply the positive aspects of your direct online marketing strategies and avoid the previous pitfalls.

  3. Categorize them in different ways, by age groups, by demographics, by gender, by preferences or in any classification you may find useful. This way, you can send emails categorically. Examples of these are emails for products that cater largely to young people, hence, they should be sent according to age, regardless of gender or demographics.
Focus on the purpose of your database as your tool for direct online marketing. Use them not only as you source of addresses for your marketing campaigns. Better yet, use them not only to build a list but to build a good seller-customer relationship as well.

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