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Internet Marketing, Online Marketing - The Important Facts Every Novice Internet Marketer should Know

Internet marketing, online marketing, I-marketing, web marketing, or e-Marketing are different terminologies but they all refer to one thing, the use of the different Internet features to market or sell a particular service or product.

Now if you intend to venture into Internet marketing online marketing and turn yourself into an Internet savvy marketer, you can always use the net as your information tool. Here's a guide on what most Internet marketers should know:

Website - If you're just new to Internet marketing, online marketing, it would be best if you used a web hosting facility that can provide you with the basic features needed in opening a website. The web host will guide you from the basic domain name search, to setting it up, and will provide you with different plans on how you want to maintain your website. Often, it is offered for a fee, although there are those who provide it for free.

Internet Marketing Terminologies - This is very important in order to understand how each Internet marketing online marketing strategy works. This requirement includes knowledge of the basic lingo and other common acronyms and abbreviations.

Advertising Specifications - Advertising tools most Internet marketers use like banners, buttons, HTML, pop-up ads, interstitial, text ads and other forms of advertising known as rich media, which makes use of Macromedia Flash, Shockwave, and different audio and video formats.

Affiliate Marketing - Most Internet marketers make use of this form of advertising to sell their products, wherein they will reward publishers or affiliate marketers in selling. This will be based on various forms of promotional measures either by publications, clicks or registrations.

Guerilla Marketing - This is a form of Internet marketing online marketing, where the merchant who is working on a tight budget, will maximize the use of free Internet resources in selling or marketing his merchandise.

Linking Strategy - Another Internet marketing online marketing tool used. This can be an inbound, outbound, or reciprocal link all aimed at gaining link popularity to increase traffic to a website, by landing on the top pages of search results.

Email Marketing - makes use of the electronic mail to send out marketing messages, promotions and newsletters.

SEO - or Search Engine Optimization is one of the concepts that every Internet marketer should know, because it has something to do with the pages of your website and how it will be recognized by the search engine tools. This will determine your visibility inside the web.

Advertising Network - if an Internet marketer wants to make his life easier but not necessarily easier on his budget, he may want to avail the services of these networks. They will arrange for his advertising campaigns and coordinate them through thousands of sites inside the World Wide Web.

Hence, Internet marketing online marketing job can be hard or easy, which will all depend on your resources and how willing you are to invest on this venture.

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