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TRUTH ABOUT SIX PACK ABS - www.truthaboutabs.com

Turn that flab into FAB and reveal your inner god or goddess! With so many products, programs and sports that can help to whip you into shape, why are you still sitting at the computer?!

Check out The Truth About Six Pack Abs and see how you can motivate your muscles and become a trimmer, leaner and meaner athlete or dream machine!

There is a link provided for both males and females, as their training and nutrition will differ.

Mike Geary, a Certified Personal Trainer, is the author/creator of ‘The Truth About Six Pack Abs,’ and he offers a program that, as stated on the website, offers the following:

  • Over 15 little-known secrets for revving up your metabolism so that you can more easily scorch away body fat on a 24/7 basis!

  • Why most people are doing their cardio training totally wrong... and how to modify your routines to make them twice as effective for stripping away stubborn body fat.

  • My 6 unique Secret-Weapon exercises that build a rock-hard core and stimulate fat loss like no other exercises in existence... and the kicker is that almost NOBODY in normal gyms knows about these unique exercises.

  • More than 13 specific nutritional secrets that will stimulate your inner metabolic furnace...and better yet, you won't feel like you're restricting yourself... you'll actually feel like you're eating constantly all day long!

  • 5 fat-triggering foods that most people think are "healthy" but are actually sabotaging your efforts to get a slim sexy body.

  • Cutting-edge scientifically designed full-body training PROGRAMS (not just lists of exercises) that will help you carve out a firm body and leave people asking what your secret is!

  • Why doing abs or obliques exercises do NOT burn fat away from your stomach and love handles... Instead, discover which exercises accomplish this MUCH more effectively!

  • How to blast through your plateau and continue to make progress by working through all 8 levels of abdominal training progressions.

  • How to teach yourself to be creative and think differently about your workouts... This is what will keep you interested and motivated in your training, while everyone else is wondering why their body looks the same or worse than it did last year.

  • Why the glycemic index of the foods you eat may not be as important as you've been led to believe in determining whether food will make you leaner or fatter... you'll learn what aspect of carbohydrate consumption is actually MOST important.


There are many testimonials provided on the website to attest to the quality of this product. The following is an example of an actual testimonial taken from the website:

“I have been following your workout plans from your book for past couple months. I wanted you to know that I have seen great results. When I started I was 190 lbs, waist 35 inches, bench was 165lbs.
I'm now 175 lbs, with a waist of 33 inches, and benching 225lbs. Your full body workouts are some of the best I've ever used. I'm also making much better food choices now based on your advice and staying away from the junk I used to have trouble with. Thanks for everything.”

For a one-time payment of $39.95, you can receive access to ‘The Truth About Six Pack Abs’, several bonuses, and an 8-week money back guarantee.

If this sounds like an offer that might interest you, please click on this link http://www.truthaboutabs.com/ and check out the website.

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If you have already tried this product, please follow this link and use the form on that page to provide other users with a review of this product. We are anxious to know if this is a legitimate and potentially prosperous offer.

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Comments for TRUTH ABOUT SIX PACK ABS - www.truthaboutabs.com

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Jul 03, 2008
by: Ereview


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