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Starting an Internet Business

People are wary of starting an internet business on their own. There are risks involved in both; the real business and the Internet business.

But in the case of the latter, the risk is minimum. Also starting an Internet business is quite similar to operating any other real business.

It is the same in many ways actually. Both require a strong base, good quality products and services, good customer-salesman relationship etc. Also the products/ services need to be fairly priced and form long term business relationships. These pointers are very much applicable to Internet businesses too.

But however, there are differences related to Internet businesses. They are as given below:
  • Starting an Internet business is low cost. It does not require more than a few thousand rupees to get started. But this is not the same for the kind of effort one has to put in. there is a lot of hard work involved. Without this factor, there is nothing to take the business forward.

  • Only your product/service related skills are not enough. You need to be well versed with computer skills such as graphic designs, web technology for servers, programming and e-marketing. It would be an added advantage if you were well versed with more one or two languages. You need to have a fair knowledge of legal paper work and accounts. Remember because it is an Internet business, you will need to play more than one role.

  • There are many-many e-marketing possibilities while you plan starting an internet business. Also there are many ways to form connections or tie-ups with companies online. The advertising aspect is a boost to Internet businesses.

  • You can easily track customers via the Internet. There are special tracking devices made for these purposes.

  • There is no dearth of people browsing the Internet daily. Therefore, you maybe subjected to international audience. They can be from any part of the world. Therefore, you must be prepared for international shipping transactions and have your web page translate into many other international languages.

  • It is very important that your website has a professional look. This creates a good impression with the customer. It adds credibility to your product or service. Therefore, you need to get a web designer to create a website for you and then get a content writer to fill the information required. Also make sure that your contact page has correct information and that the website is updated regularly.

  • Keep a feedback page. This will help you to chalk out your strong and weak points. You can then work on them. Also take any comment in your stride.

  • Be prepared to adapt changes according to trends. Employ people to do your administrative jobs.
These are a few differences we thought of. If you already know them and are confident to begin, you may begin quickly. We wish you all the luck! Remember there is no short cut to hard work. Good luck!

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