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Make Money With Free Home Based Business

Have some spare time? Want to make use of this spare time profitably? Well there are some free home based business that you can think of.

You do not need any special qualifications to start any of these free home based business. All you need is:
  • To be able to read and understand English,

  • To have a basic knowledge of computers,

  • To have a PC or a laptop,

  • To have access to the Internet, preferably with a broadband connection and

  • To be able to spend a couple of hours a day.

The following are the areas in which you can start a free home based business:
  • Paid To Read (PTR),

  • Paid To Click (PTC),

  • Paid Surveys,

  • Discussion Groups,

  • Affiliate Programs,

  • Referrals etc.

The list given is by no means exhaustive and only relate to the Internet. A few of these free home based business are discussed below:

Paid To Read: Here you are sent e-mails to your e-mail box. All you have to do is read the email for a fixed amount of time, say 30 seconds or so. You get paid for this activity. You earnings accumulate and you can ask for payment at the end of the accumulation of a pre-fixed amount of money. The amount you are paid varies from company to company.

Paid To Click: This the same as the "paid to read" program. The difference is that instead of reading e-mails, you just click on banners which translate into pages that you have to read for a certain amount of time. You then move on to the next banner. This paid to click free home based business usually comes along with the paid to read programs.

Paid Surveys: Fundamentally you are paid to do surveys. When you sign up for such a free home based business, you are requested to furnish what your areas of interest are, like travel, music, entertainment, communication, computers etc. Based on your interests you are asked to undertake surveys. You are asked questions like: "What brand of product do you use for a particular product? How long have you been using it? "What aspect of the product made you buy it? And other such simple questions.

The questionnaire may last from 5 to 20 minutes at the longest. Depending on the survey and other factors, you are credited with points which you can redeem after it accumulates to a certain level. The more survey companies you sign up with the more surveys you get and so on.

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