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CONVERSATIONAL HYPNOSIS - www.conversational-hypnosis.com

Do you believe in the power of hypnosis and metaphysical/alternative healing? Is your day planned around your horoscope and the position of the moon? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then websites related to this metaphysical and astrological content might be of some interest to you. Check out Conversational Hypnosis to help find a clearer path towards physical, mental and emotional health and wellness.

The Conversational Hypnosis website is offering a course that will train you to hypnotize people during conversations. You can use your hypnosis skills to persuade people into ‘obeying’ your suggestions. ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ can be applied in relationships ranging from personal to work-relate. According to the website, this is based on years of research done by Igor Ledochowski, a Master Hynpnotist, as defined on this website. Igor charges thousands of dollars to teach this same information, but it is being offered to you at a reduced price.
The course is broken down into sessions, and in each session you will learn a new skill. Some of the skills you will learn, as stated on the website, are as follows:

  • The entire Conversational Hypnosis Protocol, Igor's most closely held and powerful teachings.

  • The powerful “hypnotic triple” command that SWAT teams use to force compliance … even in a fire-fight with hardened criminals.

  • How an instant rapport technique will get even strangers to open up to you … reveal their inner longings …. and give you all the clues you need to persuade them to do as you say.

  • The conversational way to get a sales prospect to imagine the intense feelings of owning what you are selling, so they naturally feel compelled to buy right now! You can help them intensify the feelings so strongly that all objections simply melt away.

  • The easiest way to join the elite group of “hypnotic persuasion experts” by using their secret patterns for influence …. (it's easier than you think).

  • Create an instant trigger to unleash your subjects deepest desires…. and how to point them in your direction… (Igor's innovative techniques are more refined and more powerful than any other).

  • A simple technique that creates amnesia for any objection your subject may have to your suggestions… they simply forget to remember what it was that might have stopped them from following your suggestions.

  • What it means when your subject “talks with their hands” and how to use their gestures to literally get inside their head.

  • How to know if a subject is “talking to themselves” with internal dialogue … and how to join that dialogue so that your voice seems like it comes from inside their own mind!

There are many testimonials provided on the website to attest to the quality of this product. The following is an example of an actual testimonial taken from the website:

"I didn't believe this material would be that good, but it turns out to be a breathtaking course on using hypnosis in everyday conversation.”

For $197.00, you can receive the full course (delivered via downloadable sessions monthly), membership in the monthly newsletter, and an 8-week money back guarantee.

If this sounds like an offer that might interest you, please click on this link http://www.conversational-hypnosis.com/ and check out the website.

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If you have already tried this product, please follow this link and use the form on that page to provide other users with a review of this product. We are anxious to know if this is a legitimate and potentially prosperous offer.

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Jul 14, 2008
by: Ereview


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