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Work For Christ With A Christian Home Based Business

There are home based businesses that depend on the Internet and there are home based business that you conduct from the comfort of your home without much reliance on the Internet but on your own expertise and knowledge. But what is a "Christian Home Based Business"? In what way is it different from other home based businesses?

When you say a Christian home based business do you mean a business run on purely Christian values or do you mean a home based business where you manufacture articles of Christian significance at home and sell them? The one is different from the other.

If we take the first kind then these are the values that you should bring into the running of a Christian home based business:
  • Leadership,

  • Loyalty,

  • Freedom,

  • Responsibility,

  • Skill,

  • Creativity etc.
A Christian home based business requires that more than leading you should be followed. You should bring in more loyalty towards your customers and give them the freedom to help themselves as you help yourself.

It requires much more responsibility than an ordinary business. You have to bring in all your skill in running the business, that is a wholehearted enterprise with a lot of creativity thrown into the job.

One way of conducting a Christian home based business is to purchase raw material from a company that sells crosses or other religious artifacts, make the articles and sell it back to the same company.

You benefit both materially and spiritually and have a sense of achievement also. Another method is to make inspirational jewelry like rosaries, prayer beads etc.

On the other hand you can run a Christian home based business by manufacturing articles that are religious in nature, like making Easter Eggs and selling them in the Church during Easter or trinkets for Christmas or preparing food items for Thanksgiving day.

On both counts the possibilities are endless and it is left to your imagination and your creativity to come up with ideas for running a Christian home based business.

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